Affiliate Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs Digital Marketing


Affiliate marketing vs Digital marketing

So, Affiliate marketing vs Digital marketing huh?

Just like any other eager and hungry individual about succeeding online, I was one a couple of years ago. Much as I wanted to start, I was always held back by ignorance about which business model to pursue. Fortunately, I sorted my way out.

Similarly, you are finding yourself on this page today because of the same issue but from affiliate marketing vs Digital marketing point of view, isn’t it?

You know what? I got you, ride along as we jump in deeper into this topic;

What is the difference? Affiliate marketing vs digital marketing

re are no so many differentiating factors between affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

The most outstanding difference is that affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing channel that deals with promoting other people’s products to earn a commission as a reward.

Digital marketing on the other hand, combines all online marketing strategies including affiliate marketing.

What is digital marketing?


Digital Marketing

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the advertising of products online using different digital technologies and strategies with an aim to drive traffic to a certain offer, perform an action or collect leads.

Digital marketing is done in various ways and methods which include the following: – SEO, Paid Advertising on search engines like google and Bing, social media marketing, content marketing, blogging.

1. Email marketing: Email marketing is a digital marketing channel of sending out commercial messages typically to customers, individuals or a group of people through emails.

Simple task. Ask your friends or mentors who work online about their most important assets.

I bet a bottom dollar that most of them will say their email list is one of them. This shows how effectively email marketing is still rocking.

2. Content marketing: You can relate this model to subscribing to a certain YouTube channel for their specific content you consume. Content marketing similarly is the creation of a kind of content for specific or targeted audience so as to build a bond and relationship.

Consistence of providing content is ideal here to. Content marketing is done to purposely increase regular visits to the website and building a tribe online.

3. Pay per click: Normally shortened as PPC. It’s a marketing strategy of running ads online and you pay per click on an ad that is being run. It’s by far one of the quickest ways to get conversions compared to the organic search traffic.

The ads are run on search engines like Bing and Google. Google AdWords is the commonest pay per click platform today.

4. Search engine optimization: This is normally referred to as or abbreviated as SEO. It’s the process of optimizing your website and blog posts to increase their ranking on the search engines like google hence more potential visitors to the website who can be turned into customers.

5. Social media marketing: This is basically promotion/ marketing done through running ads on social medial platform like Facebook, Instagram or twitter etc.

The ads are optimized well to suit the policies of these platform and increase chances of being clicked on by people.

Social media marketing has really sky-rocketed over the last few years to an extend of people establishing agencies typically for this model.

6. And obviously affiliate marketing

So, what is Affiliate marketing?


affiliate marketing vs Digital marketing

Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing that deals with promoting other peoples’ products to earn a commission when a customer clicks through your affiliate links and make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is made of four major sections. They are;

(a) Producers: These are the creators of affiliates products. producers can be an individual or a company.

(b) Affiliates: There are people like you and me who market products and earn commissions from purchase.

(c) Affiliate Network or marketplace: Refers to networks online that avail affiliate products to the affiliates. They also handle your payment transactions. One of the advantages of promoting products from affiliate networks is that you will not come across cases of fraud by affiliate programs.

It’s true that some affiliate programs or producers sometimes stealthily deny affiliates their commissions thus it’s ideal to sign up with the networks to handle your transactions.

(d) Customers: They are also referred to as consumers, they complete the affiliate marketing process by purchasing products through affiliate links.

How can one become an affiliate marketer?

Firstly, you pick a niche that you will be promoting products from. Extensive research should be done prior to the decision because some niches are to saturated hence things could be hard for to penetrate and hit the market.

Some of the commonest niches include make-money online niche, health and fitness niche, sports niche and so many others.

Secondly, you join an affiliate network so as to access affiliate products. The major affiliate networks include amazon, CJ, Clickbank and Digistore24.

Thirdly you pick an affiliate product to promote, ranging from high-ticket products to low-ticket products. Affiliate offers, regardless of the price tag work, if promoted appropriately so worry less about the high-ticket offers.

Additionally, you promote the affiliate offers through your preferred channel of promotion. This can be blogging or paid advertising. Or even just by referring the affiliates links to your forums, friends on social media and through emails.

And finally, you make a commission when a buyer clicks on your affiliate links and makes a purchase.

P.S. To effectively apply those principles, you have to learn them from an already successful affiliate. How? By asking your friends who are smashing the business model already.

Otherwise you’ll have to invest in a course in order to learn affiliate marketing effectively and rightfully. Or maybe waste the next few years and months trying to figure it out solely.

For those interested in following others full steps please click here to access the best course that paved my way up.

Which is best for you? Affiliate marketing vs Digital Marketing?

I can not really decide for you here but depending on your expertise and your current situation in your life. Let me explain….

If you extremely good at copy writing and have quite a tight budget, I would ideally recommend you to kick it off with affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, if you are skilled with or well informed about the other marketing channels then go for digital marketing bud.

One thing you should know is that affiliate marketing is a passive way of earn income once it’s established hence you earn even when asleep. The other digital marketing channels are easily edge out in regards to passiveness.

So, for the lazy or guys who don’t like putting so much work into a one thing, I would recommend affiliate marketing.

It should be noted that the above recommendations are my personal suggestions. After reading through the article I hope you learnt a ton to help you make an informed decision.

And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment sections below, we appreciate your views aired out about what we do here.

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All the best.

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