Affiliate Marketing vs Multi-Level Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs Multi-Level Marketing


Affiliate marketing vs MLM

The search engines are not faulty, and that’s why you landed yourself on this webpage. And what about affiliate marketing vs multi level marketing?

Will get to it in a second!

Don’t quit your job before establishing your yourself online appropriately. This is most of these ads and webinars are full of scam and junk information talking about how you will make full time income online under a month with just two hours of input daily.

Lol, I wish I knew earlier…,

While it’s possible, all businesses require work and grind either mentally or physically, don’t be fooled by the small percentage that made their way out sooner and oddly than the average.

In other words, it’s possible to make money online but requires you to give it all, time, investment and hard work plus persistence.

So which business model would you rather take on, affiliate marketing vs Multi-level marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing vs Multi-level marketing

This is the most approved way of earning substantial amount of income online especially for beginners with much less technical ability and skillset. Affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time and still growing every single day and year.

Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing where marketers promote and market other people’s products and earn a commission as a reward for the efforts.

Pros of Affiliate marketing

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the stepping stone or ladder for anyone planning to start out online. This is portrayed by the number of beginners and experienced marketers on the internet today who started out with affiliate marketing.

It has a lot of pros and they include the following;

  1. Affiliate marketing is free to join hence know costs such as membership or subscription fees. All affiliate programs welcome affiliates to freely market and advertise their products.
  2. There is freedom or flexibility in regards to the kind of products you promote and market. This is beneficial in cases when one product is not working out well for one, you have the choice to opt for any other preference.
  3. Affiliate marketing usually becomes a passive source of income to the affiliates or entrepreneurs. Just like any other business existing, you need to put in work for the first few months, but when you get set and going, it becomes passive income stream. You make money while travelling, playing soccer or GTA.
  4. It requires low costs to start or zero costs at all for the experts who already know how to it. In most cases you only invest in training courses if you have no prior knowledge, buying domain and website hosting.
  5. There is no such a thing as customer service or support for affiliates to handle. The burden is left for the affiliate programs and you’re tasked with only promotion and marketing of affiliate offers.

Cons of affiliate marketing.

Everything in existence, more so every business has flaws and cons attached to it, and so does affiliate marketing. The following are some of the cons of affiliate marketing;

  • It takes time to establish brand new website thus requires some patience. Google and other search engines rank webpages and websites using their own algorism which includes a website authority and age online.
  • There is no control over the prices of affiliate products thus the commission earned is fixed and dictated by the affiliate programs.
  • It’s requires research and hard work to penetrate saturated niches in the industry, thus making it difficult for the beginners to kick off easily. However, depending on who and how you’re trained, no niche is impossible to penetrate.


What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

It is abbreviated as MLM. MLM refers to a direct sales business where people sign up with a company to become their marketer or distributer of their products or services.

Unlike with affiliate marketing, everyone in MLM promotes and sell the same product.

To join the network, you get recruited by someone already there under their chain of recruited community. You’re entitled to pay the entry or membership fee which is usually billed annually by some companies.

Thereafter, you go on the road to convince other people and recruit them under you. In other words, the more people you recruit, the more commissions you make.

The other income stream here is through selling the companies products and services to the public.

MLM tree is in some way or the other related to a family tree as shown in the picture below

MLM recruitment chain

Pros of joining Multi-Level Marketing networks.

The most vital pros of MLM is earning of recurring income from the recruiting of people under your chain.

With MLM, you can earn income through selling of the company’s products and also from recruiting commissions.

There is no doubt about making a lot of money from sales and recruiting for the good sales man with a large group of familiar people.

Cons of MLM

You can become a burden to close friends and family as a result of consistent convincing and encouraging them to join a business model with a very bad reputation.

It’s extremely hard to find legitimate and productive Multi-level marketing networks. This is because most of them have emerged as scams over time in different parts of the world.

The membership and entry fees are often too costly for people to afford hence high capital involved.

Their products are extremely expensive in most cases thus making it harder for the clients to make potential sales. Therefore, it’s easier for you and me to opt for other popular and known brands to pay for same products as they maybe trusted sources.

You can potentially end up not making any money especially as a beginner in an already built chain because of the saturation.

Affiliate Marketing vs Multi-level marketing: Why Affiliate Marketing over MLM?

First and foremost, there is flexibility with affiliate marketing, where you choose whatever kind of product you want to market and promote unlike multi-level marketing that only revolves around one kind of product or services that the company offers.

Affiliate marketing is highly scalable thus marketing a lot income from it is for anyone whether as a beginner or an advanced marketer while with MLM, you only make good money if you have good marketing skills or was present at the beginning of the company. Later entrants struggle to make substantial amount of money here.

Additionally, affiliate marketing involves way less costs and capital to start, where in most cases people pay for training (beginners), hosting and buying a domain name. On the other hand, multi-level marketing requires more capital to invest in the business such as entry fee as well as membership subscription. There is no such a thing as entry fee with affiliate marketing.

In addition to that, affiliate marketing is passive income stream for most people because no more work is required after establishing your business. That’s not the case with MLM, you’re constantly looking for new entrants and moving door to door sometimes to convince people to buy and join.

There is no customer service to be rendered to customers in affiliate marketing while with multi-level marketing, there is so much information to rendered to the customers from informing them about the products to buy, why, to convincing people to get recruited.

There are very high risks involved when you sign up with the MLM networks as some of them have turned out to be scams and fraud. With affiliate marketing very minimal risks are involved such as hijacking of affiliate links, which is easily resolved.

Final Say……

And as has been noted, you have total control over the decision you make basing on the above article of Affiliate marketing vs Digital marketing.

All through out the post, leaned more to the affiliate marketing because of the experiences I have had with each of the business models. As well as feedback from colleagues have tried both of them.

I believe you’re in position of making a better decision now. Any recommendations and thoughts are appreciated, leave them in the comment section below.

If you’re interested in starting affiliate marketing journey,  please check out this course that helped pave my way.

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