Best Affiliate Networks for 2020

Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks for 2020


The Best Affiliate Networks

Oh, you want to monetize your blog huh? Or simply want to diversify your income stream with affiliate marketing?

Let’s get going….

Fun Fact: Pretty much all your online gurus and certainly almost everyone working online started with or still incorporate affiliate marketing at some point.

There are 100s of affiliate networks on the internet today but not all of them are as effective as you may assume.

However, you have landed on the right site to walk you through the best affiliate networks in 2020.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting or marketing other peoples’ products (affiliate products) and make a commission when a customer makes a purchase through affiliate link.

It’s a branch of digital marketing and it works in a very basic and simple cycle as follows;

Firstly, you have to pick a niche and join affiliate network. Then you choose the product that you are to market to customers with your affiliate link. Thereafter, you choose a method that you are going to use to promote it with the most obvious ones being using a blog (SEO) or paid advertising.

And lastly, you make a commission when a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a marketplace that avails the access to affiliate products to the promoters/marketers or affiliates. It can also be referred to as an affiliate marketplace. There are tens if not thousands of affiliate networks on the internet but only a few stand out among them.

There are several benefits of joining and getting or picking affiliate products from affiliate networks. They include the following;

  1. Affiliate marketplace have wide range of affiliate offers and products that cover across all the niches.

Sometimes it’s really very complicated to find affiliate products for small or micro niches thus this is why the network comes through for you.

  1. Easy minimal payout policy: Sometimes when you sign up for an affiliate program directly from their websites, it’s really hard to withdraw your first commission.

This is because most of them require you to first reach a certain number if sales. For example, with Bluehost, you must make at least two sales to with draw your money.

Luckily with these networks, they have much easier policy where you can easily reach the minimal payout.

  1. Less risk/Few chances of affiliate frauds: Be curious enough because your affiliate commissions can easily be hijacked or ignored due to poor tracking. The affiliate networks offer much better tracking thus minimal chances of affiliate commission fraud.

The Top 10 Best affiliate networks

Let’s jump in and look at the top ten affiliate networks on the internet today.

  1. ShareAsale


It is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. It was founded in 2000 and has established itself to be one of the top trusted marketplaces over the years.

As of 2020, ShareAsale hosts over 4000 affiliate programs in nearly fifty different categorises.

It offers wider range of payment options e.g. wire transfer, direct deposit, Payoneer with the exception of PayPal. Affiliates and marketers are also paid on the 20th of every month with account balance at least more than $50.

One of the biggest pros of using ShareAsale is that you are assured of safe and secure business environment with barely any complaints over security.

  1. Clickbank


I think this is the Michael Jordan or the “GOAT” of affiliate marketing networks. It has been slaying the industry since 1998.

Clickbank boasts hosting over 5 million products in certainly all the niches. It has been reputed has the best network by many bloggers and affiliates.

It however has had a dark side in the previous years around 2012 being regarded as a spammy network. They have finally bounced back with new policies and product reviews before a product is being accepted for their marketplace.

Just like ShareAsale, clickbank offers all payment methods with the exception of PayPal.

It’s free to join thus suits all types of people especially beginners since it also has variety of niche products.

  1. CJ Affiliates

It was formerly known as the Commission Junction. They are certainly one of the largest affiliate networks in the world with a very good reputation and trustworthy.

It was founded in 2000 and currently has over three thousand merchants rotated around different niches. CJ is a global network and operates in over 150 countries

CJ offers payment to marketers monthly by combining all your sales into one big commission paid out once. It offers direct deposit or checks in mail with no chance for the PayPal users.

The downside of using CJ affiliates is that if you go six months without a sale, they shut down your account hence works best for those with at least moderate organic traffic.

For beginners, I would not recommend it unless you are using stuff like paid advertising or already have decent traffic to your website.

  1. JVZoo

JVZoo was founded in 2011 and has paved its way into becoming one of the elite affiliate marketplaces.

It is known for no upfront charges for either the publishers or marketers and rather makes money from charging a little percent from sales of the products.

Not only that but also its compliance to accept PayPal payment that is opposed to most affiliate networks severally a month.

JVZoo hosts a bunch of different products ranging from e-commerce to make money online courses.

Almost forget ops!

It offers a lifetime or unlimited cookie life for your affiliate products, isn’t that crazy?

There are a lot of pros of using JVZoo such as instant PayPal payments, free to join, many affiliate products, no need for a website for most of the products.

The main con is that you would have to reach at least 50 sales to qualify for instant PayPal payment.

  1. Amazon Associates

This is probably the biggest affiliate network in the world today and for years to come. It’s a platform for, the biggest ecommerce platform, you can imagine no surprise.

It tracks back to 1996 the year it was established and founded.

Amazon Associates pays out through direct deposits, checks in mails or amazon gift certificates.

You may be wondering why it doesn’t top the list yet is backed by Amazon, isn’t? Well it has very low commission rates compared to the rest of affiliate programs.

Additionally, it takes 60 days after a commission is earned to process and make the final transaction to your account.

  1. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing was formerly known as LinkShare and was founded in 1996 hence of the oldest and most reputed in the industry.

It has a lot less products than most of the affiliate marketing networks with nearly over 1000 products.

The Rakuten offers direct deposits, checks and occasionally PayPal.

  1. Avangate Affiliate Network

It is not one of the famous networks but suits anyone who loves marketing digital products and services.

It is a major network in the ecommerce industry which I got know a few years ago. Avangate Affiliate Network boasts a whopping 22000 software and digital products and services available for marketing.

  1. Awin

It’s a European powerhouse in the affiliate marketing world. Awin is also known as Affiliate Window. It’s hosts a very narrow niche-based products with over six thousand affiliates suing the platform now. Its main category niches are finances/insurance, retail/shopping, telecom and travel.

  1. FlexOffers

Just another one of the best affiliate networks with a bunch of affiliate products, about 1500 or more. It was founded in 2008 although it has grown in a short space of time.

FelxOffers has a wide range of niche products for different niches and also offers up to 50% commission rates. It is the affiliates’ favourite because of the quicker payment policy.

The only con is that they pay international affiliates or advertisers only through PayPal.

  1. eBay Affiliate Network

Just like Amazon affiliates, eBay Affiliate Network is the eBay’s affiliate marketplace; which is an ecommerce site, where you can earn a commission by promoting their products.

It has a wide range of products spread over all the different niches and commissions depend on the products or niches.

They have a very short cookie lifetime or duration of about 24 hours; however, you can earn even after 10 ten days provided the customer bided in the first 24 hours.

The biggest pro is that you can withdraw any amount of money as long as it’s not less than $10. That’s an unreal minimal payout digit.


Affiliate marketing is the one of the few reliant ways to make passive income streams online today and there is no better time to board that train of passive earners than now. Choose your most appropriate marketplace and start reaping the fruits.

What affiliate network to choose?

There is no single answer to this because of the difference in niches and products one loves to promote.

My only piece of advice especially to the beginner, is to choose a network with minimal payout because it can be really hard to make sales especially as a beginner yet you need your commissions right away.

Additionally, do research about the number of your niche products you can market that are available on a specific network so as not to run out of products to promote.

And lastly, as a beginner or advanced affiliate, I would ideally avoid the networks that require entry or membership fee because there are no really any special privileges. Yet they try to squeeze every penny from you.

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