Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact Review


Constant Contact Review

Since 1995, Constant Contact has been providing email marketing services to small businesses and a couple of big corporations. It has grown its client base to over 650000 customers over the years.

Constant Contact has high email deliverability function, together with features such as surveys and social media campaigns where it out edges all the other email marketing competitors.

It has everything any small needs to create email marketing campaigns with the major down side being relatively more expensive plans than the likes of AWeber, GetResponse and Mailchimp.

Let’s jump into an in-depth review of Constant Contact: – Follow along

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Constant contact has two types of plans i.e. email and email plus. The email plan starts at $20 per month for 500 subscribers while the advanced email plus starts $45 for 500 subscribers.

And hey, constant contact offers an exclusive 60-day trial which comes with all email marketing features and functionalities. You are only restricted to the number of contacts to email monthly: – that is not more 100 subscribers.

Unfortunately, Constant contact does not offer a free email marketing plan like most of the competitors like Mailchimp which offers free plan up to1000 contacts.

Both plans comer with every feature needed to create an email campaign ranging from responsive customizable email templates to A/B testing and social media campaigns.

Additionally, there is a 15% discount given on an upfront payment say six month or one year in advance. The non profit organizations leverage a 30% discount on their account subscriptions.

Let’s break down and look at the difference between the plans.

Email Plan

Email Plus

Unlimited emails Unlimited emails
Customizable and branded templates Customizable and branded templates
Mobile responsive website Mobile responsive website
Ecommerce Marketing basic Ecommerce Marketing Advanced
Pop-up forms Customizable pop-ups
List segmentation List segmentation
Social media ads and insights Social media ads and insights
Automated email welcome series
Automated email behavioural series
Subject line A/B testing
Dynamic Content
Multiple users
Even Marketing
Online donations
New customer consultation


Pricewise, constant contact is definitely more expensive than most of the email marketing tools across the industry.

Constant Contact Features & User experience

So, just like every email marketing service provider, constant contact has a wide range of features to use to create the best possible campaigns. Let’s look at each of them: –

User interface

Honestly speaking, constant contact has one of the simplest and easy to use dashboard for anyone regardless of being a beginner or advanced marketer.

It also has very few sections on the main dashboard, (about six sections) with short description for easy use and identification by any user and to avoid being overwhelmed.

Much as it’s quite simple, it appears a bit dated and dull looking and there is still room for improvement.

Creation of emails

Are you a coding dummy? Well, if so, you’re covered by constant contact through its drag and drop email editor. The editor has a bunch of options for anyone to create emails.

This includes customizable and personal branding templates which are mobile friendly addition of images, videos, polls and social shares, not forgetting RSVPs.

Customize emails according to your brand colours and styles simply by entering the URL of your website

Contact Management

List or contact management with constant contact is very basic but it allows you to upload your existing contacts with Excel, Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce.

Constant contact allow allows marketers to manage all their contacts or subscribers into a single list using basic behavioural data such as clicks, opens….

One pro of its list management is that it removes all your duplicate subscribers so as you don’t have to do it manually.

Email automation

This is the most basic and less ideal automation feature I have used across all email marketing services. However, you can still create autoresponders based triggered by certain behaviours and data. Someone correct me but I have not seen visual autoresponder workflow with constant contact.


For small businesses and individuals who are starting off with marketing, they have basic reporting and analytic features available. With constant contact you can view statistics such as successful deliveries, clicked links, ope rates, spam and unsubscribe rates through the analytic dashboard.

And for any advanced reporting metrics, forget, this is absolutely not the best option for you.


Constant contact scores an A+ in the email delivery success with a whooping 90% success rate. This is quite above most of the email marketing service providers.


They integrate with most of the apps you need. It offers over four hundred apps to integrate with.



I personally did not find any issues with their support system and staff; when I needed technical assistance, I was instantly helped through their live chat.

Constant contact also offers various other support means such as phone call from Monday to Saturday,video tutorials, online community where you can ask questions. And of course, plenty of information for self education from their knowledge base on the website.

Pros of using Constant Contact

  • It very easy to navigate through constant contact hence any beginner can easily create and run their campaigns.
  • The ability to personalize and brand your emails enhances one’s brand awareness and marketing.
  • It merges duplicate contacts automatically which saves you ton of time of manual sorting.

Cons of using Constant Contact.

  • It has a very limiting A/B testing; in that you only change the subject line for variables.
  • Super expensive for small businesses with very small budget allocated to advertising and marketing department.
  • There is no free plan which many of the email marketing software offer especially for the beginners.
  • When uploading additional contacts, Constant Contact wants to see how they actively subscribed. This can be problematic when uploading an older email list without available evidence.
  • As for the design, sizing images can be difficult when you are using a self-designed template.


Just like I mentioned at the start of the article, constant contact is very effective for small businesses. This is simply because of the features and functionalities that it offers that cover pretty much all the needs for email campaigns.

However, for any person looking for advanced metrics and features in email marketing such big corporations and larger businesses, I would ideally recommend GetResponse and AWeber or Mailchimp.

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