Getresponse Landing Pages

GetResponse Landing Pages

GetResponse Landing Pages

GetResponse is your an ordinary email marketing service provider, they have evolved over time into a full package software that online marketers can fully depend on. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the GetResponse landing pages.

Every time you hear about online or digital marketing, there is no doubt that a topic or a say on landing pages pops up. This is simply because the sole function or purpose of landing pages is to capture visitors’ emails or information from ads campaigns or website and potentially turn them into leads.

There is no better way to improve and accelerate your return on investments (ROI) than use of highly effective landing pages.

So, what is a landing page?

According to Wikipedia, a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotionmarketing email, or an online advertisement. Sometimes a landing page can be referred to as a static page, or lead capture page.

Sometimes so many people confuse landing pages and homepages but the two are completely different things. A landing page is different from a homepage in the following ways;

  1.  Landing pages are ideally for the audience that have clicked on an ad campaign or makerting promotion. The audience or the visitors here have alreday shwon interest in the product being sold or whatever service that was being advertised. This quite the opposite of a homepage.
  2.  The Links on landing pages are basically connected t the sales pages, this is because the intention is to convert the visitors into leads. Thus their attention and focus should not be altered. Where the homepage distributes a lot of links to inner pages as well as other websites.
  3. Call-to-action. The landing pages are more of call-to-action oriented compared to homepages that majorly describe what the website is all about. There must have a call to action so that the audience can convert.
  4.  The content on landing pages purely a description of the product the visitors are being pitched into buying.

GetResponse enables you to create or build landing pages that convert your traffic and leads into more business even when you’re a dummy at designing just like me.

Let’s jump in a little deeper,

What Features do the GetResponse Landing pages offer. 

Responsive Design Templates. 

GetResponse avails you with over 100 responsive design templates to choose from. In addition to that, the templates come in various categories such as Opt-in, Download, Thank you pages, Sales, Discounts, Webinar invite and so many more.  And hey, you can start from scratch for those that really good at design.

Optin pages templates
Optin pages templates
Webinar page templates
Webinar page templates
Sales Page templates
Sales Page templates
Thank you page templates
Thank you page templates
Image Editor

The image editor comes with various editing features such as resizing, rescaling, cropping adding shadow and all other elements to enhance creation of high responsive landing pages.

Addition of Videos

You just have to drag and drop video placeholder into work space,paste a link to your video URL hosted with Youtube, Vine, Vidyard, Wistia, Vimeo.

A/B Testing 

Do split testing with up to 10 variations of landing pages to help you critic and find the best and high traffic generating option. Besides, all the ten versions of A/B testing are down under one URL. In addition to that the tracking or A/b testing results are displayed on the “Manage Landing pages”

Content arrangement 

Organize the content on your landing pages into desirable sections, putting the call to actions and product description into suitable locations.

AS we all know that no matter how great our campaigns maybe, if the landing pages aren’t well optimized for conversion, then you have done nearly no work.
Try out your 30-day trial with GetResponse here

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