How to become a Bluehost affiliate

How to become a Bluehost affiliate



Landing on this web page instinctively tells me that you have joined the world of working online. Or rather you are planning on boarding the train, either way, I am here to help and walk you through Bluehost affiliate program.

‘How to become a Bluehost affiliate.’ There is no doubt people are making money online through affiliate marketing, just like you heard or know. What is more catching is the factor that a good potion of them use the Web hosting industry.

To be even more precise, majority earn good chunk of money from Bluehost because of its popularity online and fairly big commissions compared to the rest.

As a matter of fact, Bluehost paid a whooping 5 million dollars plus to their affiliate marketing channel (their affiliates).

But hey, what is affiliate marketing anyways?


affiliate marketing

This is a digital marketing channel where marketer or individuals just like you and me promote other people’s products and make commissions when a customer purchases through their affiliate links.

And it works as follows;

You pick a niche to get products to promote e.g. Bluehost. There are thousands of niches out there with the common ones being web hosting software, make money online niche, sports and fitness niche, health niche…. name it.

It should be noted that, there are products that don’t offer affiliate programs directly on their websites. And in such cases, you would have to join an affiliate network like clickbank, CJ, Amazon etc.

Thereafter, you choose an appropriate method of doing your product promotion. The commonest ways can are blogging and paid traffic (paid advertising)

And finally, if a customer clicks on your affiliate link, and makes a purchase of the product, you will receive an affiliate commission.

That’s how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell. If you are interested in learning more, please check out by ultimate affiliate marketing guide article.

What is Bluehost and the products to promote?

As, we all know Bluehost is the biggest and most known web hosting platform in the world. It was created way back in 1996 and has been slaying the industry for the last two decades plus.

Its headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah United States of America.

And is owned together by the great Endurance International Group (EIG), which is the biggest fish in the web hosting industry.

It powers over 2 million websites and still growing worldwide, which is way more than all its competitors like Siteground, HostGator, GoDaddy etc.

For full Bluehost review, check out our article here.

Bluehost has a range of products that you can market to make a commission from, they include;

Shared Hosting: This is the most common and affordable type of WordPress hosting. This is where all the users’ websites are served by one physical server. The cheapest plan costs $3.95/mo.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress is the biggest Content Management System in the world. It hosts over thirty percent of the websites online across the globe. Its starts at $3.95/mo.

VPS Hosting: It refers to Virtual Private Server. With this hosting resources such as RAM and CPU are dedicated to your account. This hosting enhances high performance and stability of your website. Highly recommended for professional bloggers and websites with massive traffic. Its cheapest plan costs $19.99/mo.

Dedicated Hosting: This is a type of hosting that provides the highest level of resources allocation, privacy and control over your site. It tarts with $79.99/mo. as the beginner plan.

Ecommerce Hosting: Bluehost also provides hosting platform for your eCommerce stores. It is done so through the biggest ecommerce software called WooCommerce. The beginner/basic plan costs $6.95/mo.

How do You become a Bluehost affiliate? Step by step guide

Each and every one qualifies for the Bluehost affiliate program. So, if you have been wondering when you can join it, it’s now, today by following the steps below;

  1. Firstly, you have head over the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the affiliates button as shown below.Bluehost affiliate
  2. You will be taken to the affiliates sign in or sign up page as shown in the picture below. Click on the green button with Sign Up.Bluehost Sign up page
  3. Thereafter, fill in your affiliate account and PayPal account information for receiving your commission payments. Make sure to provide your accurate information to avoid payment issues.
    Bluehost affiliate personal information page
    Bluehost affiliate personal information page

    Bluehost affiliate payment info.
    Bluehost affiliate payment info.

Don’t forget to check on the affiliate terms and conditions box.

  1. You will be taken to your account dashboard as shown in the picture below.

    Bluehost Affiliate dashboard
    Bluehost Affiliate dashboard

How much do you earn?

Bluehost pays affiliates great amount of money compared to its competitors. As an affiliate you receive $65 per sign up. Isn’t that a crazy amount?

Say you manage to convert 100 through blog and paid ads, by end of the month, you are talking about $6500 pocked.

Ask yourself why they pay so highly. It is simple logic; anyone who is trapped to their hosting will, in most cases, spend a long time and may upgrade to the more expensive plans later in life.

There also cases when you receive over $100 commissions from Bluehost. Normally, it happens after bringing loads of clients to them which is an added advantage of their affiliate program in the long run.

How do You get paid?

Your payment is done through PayPal strictly.

Bluehost does pay affiliates after crossing the $100 mark, in other words, you have to make at least two sales before you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account.

Once you have fulfilled the above task, you are free to withdraw your money regardless of the amount.

And when someone purchases through your affiliate link, your commissions undergo a 30 to 45-day delay. This is because of the refund policy which lasts for a month.

In case a client withdraws their money, you lose that commission. Hence the delay in payment to benefit all the parties i.e. affiliate, customer and Bluehost

How can you promote?

There are several ways of doing promotion of your affiliate products such as referrals sent to friends on emails and messages.

However, the most effective and best way to make money from this program is through blogging and paid advertising.

Promote by blogging.

With blogging, you create articles or content centered around the affiliate product. In this case it’s Bluehost, it can be done through Bluehost reviews, comparisons other webhosting software like Siteground.

And writing relevant content to it on your website or blog.

And don’t forget to add your affiliate links in the article, such that when visitors click on them, they’re redirected to Bluehost page. This is where they will make purchase.

Paid traffic/paid advertising

On the other hand, you may opt for paid advertising since it’s the fastest way to make money from affiliate marketing. It is recommended for those who are really impatient with blogging and want fast results.

This is done through creating ads on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, and twitter; as well as search engines like google and Bing.

You optimize your ads for whatever platform you have chosen to use. And when people click on your ads, they’re led either to a landing page or your article of Bluehost depending on what you had set initially.

Paid ads really convert well with landing pages compared to an article on a blog or website.

So, if you’re considering using the landing pages, then you should optimize them for better conversions of your ads. Read my guide to creating landing pages that convert highly.


Blue host is very strict with the way you advertise or promote them with paid ads, here some guidelines to keep you on track;

  • An affiliate is not allowed to use their trademarks in their ads.
  • You can not do things like cookie stuffing and redirecting sites to Bluehost.
  • You should respect the government and affiliate disclosure rules and terms on your blog. This is done through disclaiming that one is an associate or affiliate of Bluehost in a blog post/article
  • No cookie stuffing and redirecting sites to Bluehost.

Reasons why you should promote Bluehost

There are so may pros of promoting Bluehost and some of them include;

  • You’re promoting the biggest fish in the webhosting industry hence you don’t have to do much in convincing people about its trustworthy and efficiency.
  • Grand amount of pay out compared to the other webs hosting platform affiliate program payouts. As $65 per client, that’s huge guys.
  • It’s free to join the program as well as having a committed support stuff in case of any technical issues arising long.


I cannot recommend Bluehost any better simply because it’s the best in the game because of the big commissions.

However, you should be conscious and know that it’s hard to penetrate through the competition especially if your website is relatively new and less authoritative. It’s in regards to the blogging approach of affiliate marketing.

This will make it harder for you to rank in the top positions of search engines especially google.

Hence, as a beginner, I would recommend paid advertising as you are slowly building your website authority online by consistent blogging. Paid advertising is best for the ones with some money to spend on ads.

OH!! I am super grateful you have come along till this point; hope you learnt a ton about Bluehost affiliate program. If you have any recommendations, suggestions and thoughts, please air them out through the comment in the comment section below.

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