How to Create an Autoresponder in GetResponse

How to Create an Autoresponder in GetResponse


how to create an autoresponder in GetResponse

Email marketing is one awesome ay to scale and grow your business awareness and brand, as well as making sales and purchases in the backend.

Oh, not all email marketing service providers are as effective as you thought; GetResponse is the one of the best tools for email marketing.

Not only that but also has the Best Autoresponder feature amongst all email marketing platforms.

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An autoresponder is a service that sends emails automatically to your email lists based on predefined subscriber’s actions and time intervals.

The main importance of setting up an autoresponder is to save time since it’s really hard to email every subscriber on your email list manually. Other than that, it stimulates making of money from email marketing only if the autoresponder is set up effectively and well.

How to Create or Set up Autoresponder in GetResponse.

The following are the steps you take to create an autoresponder in GetResponse:

  • You obviously login into your GetResponse account.
  • Head over to the dashboard and click on the menu.
  • Click on the Autoresponder button hence create an autoresponder
  • Then give your autoresponder a name (With GetResponse, there is no spacing between the names of an autoresponder.)
  • Additionally, you choose the list to this autoresponder from your email lists.
  • Fill in the details such as the days after which the next email will be sent.
  • Choose your email templates
  • Save and have your personal trial before publishing to see how well it works.

Watch the step by step tutorial from the GetResponse team below

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