How to create Landing Pages that Convert?

How to create Landing Pages that Convert?

how to create landing pages that convert

First and foremost, what are landing pages?

According to Wikipedia, a landing page is a singe static web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email or an advertisement online.

In other words, landing pages are solely aimed at persuade or convince a visitor to take an intended or desired action. The commonest desired actions include collection of leads, convincing visitors to purchase a certain product, signing up for a newsletter, webinar attendance registration, and the list goes on.

Just a Reminder,

There is no such a thing as a recipe or perfect plan for creation of perfect landing pages. This is because different campaigns require different thoughts put in and designs, when building or creating your landing pages. For instance, a campaign aimed at collecting emails or leads is totally different from the one purposed aimed at purchase of your offers or product.

Landing pages are often confused with homepages, but in reality, they’re totally two different things. And here are the reasons why;

  • Landing pages have tailored audience (normally visitors from ads that have shown interest already) that is aimed to take a certain action such as purchase of an offer or a product, unlike homepage that whose audience is ultimately organic traffic, e.g. searched traffic.
  • Homepages have numerous links which are purposely aimed to help your website visitors navigate through the site. On the other hand, landing pages have a link or links that are solely connecting the visitors to action completion pages like checkouts. In other words, links on landing pages shouldn’t distract your visitors from taking their action.
  • Thirdly, the content on landing page is usually promotional content while the homepages have content that informs visitors of what the site is all about.
  • Lastly, landing pages have less content but a very strong call to action which is totally the contrary to homepages.

As I mentioned earlier, there isn’t clearly a defined format of creating landing pages that convert highly. But here is a guideline of some of most critical subjects to put into consideration;


Your headline defines how long the audience will take before bouncing. I understand how hard it’s to come up with a killer headline, but it’s really what can easily force your page visitors to convert.

Just image how your ads distracted some scrolling their newsfeeds on Facebook or crawling the internet and forced them to check out the product that you’re to pitch to them. That how powerful your headline should be.

Headlines should not be really long, keep them between 6 words and about 15 words max. To beef them up a little bit by making them funny, clever and extremely outrageous so as to capture their attention.

Look at some of the following landing pages with incredibly simple and awesome headlines.

The above picture is a cropped snap from the landing page of shopify for the 14-day free trial. Highlighted in red is the headline. How would you describe it? Simple and straightforward.

Airbnb has kept its headline in the above picture simple and catchy, it evokes emotion and the need earn money as their host.

All in all, a simple and captivating headline is always key in determining your landing page’s conversion rate

A call to action.

The call to action is the most important part of a landing page, this is because it’s the last part of promotion before a visitor performs an action.

It portrays everything that the whole landing page is all about, thus it should be well constructed so as to get the best out of your campaigns.

So, when creating a call to action, you should always imagine your thoughts as those of every individual who will visit the page. You should always ask yourself how you’d be persuaded by CTA.

Make sure your you include visual aspect of the CTA, making it appear mid-content and at the bottom of the landing page’s content.

The Lead Magnet or the offer

There is no way that you’re going to go around making a fool of people with your basic and value less PDFs anymore.

Neil Patel once said that he goes above and beyond for his potential customers by investing thousands of dollars in investing in the offers or the freebies. This initiates strong relationship and trust between you and those who jumped on your email list.

Additionally, the offer or service that you give out should solve their problems, obviously.


It’s no brainer to include the description of whatever you’re persuading the visitors to do. It however becomes distractive when the content on your landing page overlaps the call to action.

Therefore, what should you do;

  • Always strive to write a fully summarized description of the whatever you are pitching or selling; keep short and simple.
  • Don’t not include any unnecessary links on your landing page content. This is because they can easily drive away the visitors and alter their attention.
  • Keep the designs and graphical aspects simple so that they don’t distract the call to action.
  • Evoke emotions and pains in the content, not forgetting to mention how your offer will solve it satisfactorily.

Test the landing page

After finishing designing your landing pages, the next thing is to obviously launch your campaigns. To get the best of out of landing pages much as they may have been designed significantly, is do definitely carry out split testing with various versions: – up-to three variants would be appropriate.

Once you come up with the best preforming variant, you then embark on the launching of the actual campaigns.

In conclusions;

We’re often told that creating great ad campaigns is a key to success with paid traffic, which I absolutely agree. But it would be wasted investment if your static or presell pages/landing pages are not highly converting.

In short, always make extensive research of your audience and the intentions of your campaigns to enhance the building of the landing pages.


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