How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website


How to do affiliate marketing without a website

Hey buds, it’s Isaiah here and I am going to take you through how to do affiliate marketing without out a website.

Wondering if you should start a website?

There is a stereotype around making money online; you must have a website to make money online which is not true.

As much as having a website is a long-term asset for making substantial money online, there are several ways you can get around it and actually make money with affiliate marketing.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

This is a marketing strategy where marketers or affiliates promote other people’s products and earn commissions when a customer makes a purchase using their affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time and there is no doubt that it’s still growing because new affiliate programs are being created every day.

However, if your biggest concern is to make money online without a website, I highly recommend you to check out this affiliate program that paved my way.

Find affiliate Products that do not require a website.

Hey you should be really cautious when choosing your affiliate products because some of them can only be promoted with involvement of a website.

So, try to read their terms and conditions before hopping on to sign up for their affiliate programs.

And worry less, because majority of them can be promoted regardless of a website existence or not.

The best way to find affiliate products is joining affiliate networks with the most common ones being Clickbank, CJ, Digistore24, and Amazon etc.

When you are done with choosing the right product, you decide the promotion method to use from the following ways;

Forum posting

A forum is an online community or website where people or group of individuals with the same interests share and discuss ideas.

Forums can be utilized as platforms for marketing your affiliate products by writing articles and throwing in a couple of affiliate links to your product.

You earn affiliate commissions when people click on your links and make purchases.

As a beginner you would have to look for great websites or forums that will accommodate your needs. There are numerous affiliate marketing forums and include the following elite ones;

Be sure to read their rules and guidelines to avoid being banned from posting.

And not forgetting to first provide value and knowledgeable content instead of spamming them with a bunch of affiliate links.

P.S: There are some forums which require you to pay a monthly subscription or membership fee.

Social media

Social media

Not too long ago, social media networks were used for socializing and communicating with family and friends.

Fast forward, the networks are now monetizing their platforms through advertising or marketing.

Much as majority of people may not leverage the paid advertising, they have resolved into using their own profiles and accounts to market products in different ways.


Facebook has over 2 billion active users worldwide, which is a goldmine for potential customers when promoting products in front of them.

One of the easiest and basic way to market affiliate products is through posting them on your stories, status and adding them to your profile.

Additionally, you establish or join facebook groups based on the niche you are in. Here you provide them with value and establish trust and bond before throwing your products on their faces.

The best way to leverage or get results from facebook is through paid advertising by running ads and sending visitors to presell pages before checkout.

Facebook algorism is super smart to an extend of only advertising your ads in front of only those who may be interested in them.


Wait, are you good at posting pictures and slaying on Instagram?

I bet a bottom a dollar that all of you have an Instagram influencer they follow; how do they make money?

Simple as ABC, they post pictures and snaps of affiliate products, and caption them with promotional lines like “click the link in the bio to access the products,” or “Want to learn more? Proceed to clink the link in the bio.”

What do you need to do?

Grow a following naturally, I mean it naturally; not the follow for follow tricks. This can easily lead to the shut down and deleting of your accounts.

Besides, a naturally grown following is more likely to engage with your content thus they are more potential buyers.

Don’t forget that posting links in the description area is not allowed on Instagram.


Twitter is the second largest and popular social media network after facebook with millions of users worldwide.

It has however been around for such a log time and has proven to be a great leads generation centre.

Similarly, affiliates have leveraged the platform to market their affiliate offers and products and earn good chunk of dollars.

Just like Instagram, you have to gradually build a following if you have none.

And consistently feeding them valuable content with solutions your products would solve for them before pitching them.

This is because no one want to be pitched or sold a product to that adds no value to them.

It’s very important to build trust and relationship, only then your audience will not even think twice when buying your affiliate products and services.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are standalone email marketing campaigns you launch to email lists that you don’t own by paying a fee to the owner of email lists.

In a nutshell, it works by you reaching out to an influencer or marketer in your niche with massive email list.

Then you negotiate the fee you will pay him or her for giving you the email list to run your marketing campaigns to.

You then reap the fruits when your affiliate products are bought.

Solo ads only work best for niches which are not saturated because with these niches, there is always group of people willing to buy something that solves their problem.

Avoid running these ads in saturated niches like fitness, health and sports niches because they’re overly saturated.

The best way to research about or reach influencers that offer solo ads is using websites like Udimi.

Run ads and write articles for classified websites

It’s very similar to marketing or posting on forums with the main difference being that they are big classified websites with millions or hundreds of thousands of daily visits.

The best out there is craigslist. You start by creating an account where you post your articles or product reviews and incorporate in your affiliate links.

It’s a very tedious process and activity since it requires posting multiple times in a day.

Or you can skip all the writing and reviewing by running ads on these sites and then sending visitors to presell pages before they checkout.

I have to be honest with you; it’s very hard to earn affiliate commissions using the classified websites if you’re the lazy time of a person because it is very competitive.

Note: Your ads and content are easily subjected to website policy changes where in most cases, posting of affiliate links is amongst regularly banned activities.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay Per Click. It’s a type of internet marketing where marketers pay each time their ad is clicked on.

The most reliable and used PPC platforms are the search engines like Google and Bing.

Google AdWords is the commonest PPC advertising model out there simply because Google is the most used search engine in the world.

You create an ad account by signing up on google and include your billing details in order to run the ads.

Before running your campaigns on Google AdWords, you really have to thoroughly do you keyword research to see the most appropriate for the product you’re advertising.

Remember not to send the traffic directly to your affiliate products checkout because it’s against the advertising rules; so, you first send them to a bridge page where you warm them up (teach the more) about the product.

In addition to that, having a bridge page or sales page increase the conversion rate.

Read this Neil Patel article to fully understand google ads.


Oh, you don’t need to be Neil Patel, Gary Vee to have success on YouTube.

Even affiliates leverage YouTube for their affiliate offers through doing product reviews and comparison videos.

All you need is to create and own a YouTube account to start uploading videos.

Worry less about the views because you just need to optimize your videos for the algorism you yours will be shown up among the top results.

Besides, your natural growth on YouTube will bring in more viewers along the journey.

As long as you are providing creative, resourceful and informative videos, you will definitely make sales from your affiliate links dropped in the description box as highlighted in the picture below.

Youtube Affiliate marketing

Create an eBook


This is by far one of my favourite methods of doing affiliate marketing without a website.

Simply because your eBook or content can easily go viral if the content is valuable and relevant hence money on the bank.

It does require time and investment to really create a valuable eBook but if you’re time bad, just outsource it to workers or bloggers on websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Always remember to provide value and broad content within your specific niche then recommend your products by including the affiliate links.

As a matter of fact, I would advise you to only make an eBook of an area you are expert in your niche in order to deliver an in-depth knowledgeable explanation.

To Wrap It Up;

YES, it’s very possible to do affiliate marketing without a website.

I hope the article has really answered your query or will help you make an informed decision on which method to kick off your affiliate marketing journey without a website.

However, I still can’t stress it enough that having a website or a blog is very instrumental if you are serious about working or earning money online.

And if you don’t mind, check out this article to guide you through it.

What’s next for you?

Whatever your various reasons might be for starting affiliate marketing without a website. My blog here, is to give you a guide and advice not to repeat the same mistakes I did when I was starting out.

This blog is built around how to make money online especially with affiliate marketing simply because that’s what I do for a living.

Anyways, checkout this program’s (super affiliate system) review which is based on paid advertising.

It’s a very legit blueprint for doing affiliate marketing without a necessity of website with thousands of successful students like me.

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