Ways How Make Money Online in 2020

Ways How to Make Money Online in 2020

Make money online

You’re obviously on this page because you want to learn how to make money online, isn’t it? I know everyone wants to make money online and live the life of their dreams. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to work under a manager or anyone else’s terms, isn’t? We live in the one of the greatest times; the internet period, where we all have the access and capacity to generate wealth. There are millions of blogs or articles out there that preach pretty much the same message.


With that being said, you’re at the right spot to learn how to make money online in different ways. I am not here to walk you through the “get rich quick schemes,” instead I am going to teach you about the online businesses with longevity high income return upon investment. But there is a price to pay: – you have to put in the hard work and dedication in order to succeed, and forgetting patience for some of them.


I repeat, if you’re looking for get rich quick schemes, please find another article. Below are the businesses you can do online to earn side or full-time income form the internet.

 How to make money online: Affiliate Marketing

Affilite marketing

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy of promoting other people’s products, and one makes a commission when a customer clicks on their affiliate link and makes a purchase.

I bet a bottom dollar that 60% of the new online marketers or workers started off with this business model. Affiliate marketing involves income sharing between the affiliate and the producer.


Why would one start do affiliate marketing?

There are numerous reasons why there are a lot of affiliates in the world and they include;

  • It’s easy, simple and really cheap to start
  • You don’t need a product to begin your journey of affiliate marketing
  • There is no physical handling of the products that you promote.
How does it work?

The affiliate marketing is cycle is really brief and basic. Firstly, you have to pick a niche and then, join an affiliate network like Clickbank, CJ, Amazon Digistore24, name it.

Secondly, you pick a product to promote, here you will be given an affiliate link that you will use to promote your products. You can either market low ticket items or high-ticket items depending on your preference.

Additionally, you have to choose the best way to promote your products with the most common methods being blogging (SEO) and paid traffic.

And finally, you make a sale when a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

The best way to get started with it is learning from a successful affiliate, there hundreds of courses online that you can jump on.


How to make money online with Dropshipping


Ecommerce is by far a bigger industry online than affiliate marketing obviously. It has so much potential and wealth more so in the direction and era we are heading to. I mean the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, got almost all his wealth from ecommerce. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things not taught at our corporate Universities and learning institutions.

Back to it…


I am going to walk you through Drop Shipping which is a branch or part of ecommerce.

In a nutshell, dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where an online store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. In other words, you have nothing to do with handling shipping and handling of physical products.

Over the last four five years, it has become so popular online and there are thousands of if not millions of people into it right now. Is it dead now? definitely no. In fact, it’s expected to grow over ten times by 2025.

How does it work?

Here, you simply act as the middle man between the manufacturers and consumers. Remember you are not going to physical handle the goods or own an inventory, and this is what differentiates it with the common retailer ecommerce.

First and foremost, do research or search for a supplier in any location despite the commonest being China and the North America. A supplier can also be found with software such as Oberlo which helps marketers like you and me to find products to sell in our store.

Secondly you promote the products online so that they reach the potential buyers. Promotion can be done with SEO or paid advertising on search engines and social media especially facebook and Instagram, even Pinterest.

Lastly, when a customer buys the product, they will be sent their products through shipping to any part of the world.

And oh guys! You barely need any money to invest in stocks because you only pay for the stock when customers complete the checkout.

Checkout the Ecomelites by Franklin Hatchett to learn dropshipping.


How to make money Online with online Surveys

You just can believe how easy it is to make money online today. There are new apps and websites being built and designed each and every day, and they all need critiquing. This is where you come in, as an online surveyor. Starting earning a few couple of dollars by answering survey questions and apps test.

This only takes you a couple of minutes or hours a day to make side hustle. I highly recommend students to start off here coz there are no skills really required. The common and good examples include Inboxpounds, Pinecone, Toluna, SurveyBods, name it.


How t make money online Tutoring


Did you know that people are learning new things every single day? Yes, that is true. I guarantee you having that one skill you’re incredibly gifted and talented with, it could be singing, dancing or languages you know.

Start making money from all those skills by either teaching on YouTube or creating a tutorial course that you make some money from. Take an example of a linguist who teaches English to the non-English speakers, a relationship expert who guides people through relationship mastery……


How to make money online: Sell your Products.

You have obviously come across such a business online. Are you a beautician, or an artist? It could be anything out beauty or art industries, as long as you make your products. You start off by making a website then display your products for sale. The best way to monetize such a skill is incorporating marketing like SEO or paid traffic on google and social media


And Finally

I can not honestly exhaust ways of making money online in a single article because there are million ways to make a buck. I hope this article gives you an insight of where to kick off from with your online journey. Best regards

If you have any suggestions to add to the article, comment below in the comment sections.


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