How To Start A Blog |The Total Beginners Guide For FREE|

So, you want a free, easy guide on how to start a blog? Awesome!

But wait, how do you get started? With so much information out there, which is totally overwhelming and occasionally confusing. So, who do you listen to? Or just quit? I know and underwent that newbie feeling. I was a complete blogging dummy and knew less than nothing about it just like you or was even worse.

Oh well, my free guide will take you through step by step tutorial on how to start your blog today.

Let’s jump in!

My Five simple tips on how to start your blog in 2020

Here is a list of my simple step by step tips to starting a successful Blog

1. Choose your blog name & decide your niche.

2. Get your web-hosting, Domain name & Customization of your blog

3. Writing and publishing your first post

4. Promote your blog

5. Monetize your blog

Step 1. Choose your blog name & decide your niche.

First and foremost, one has to decide what niche to totally focus their blogging efforts on. This helps one to easily give one’s blog a name.

Choosing your niche.

Still wondering what niche to jump in, here is a list of ways to help you choose a topic

Hobbies: – We are all passionate about different things, such as soccer, swimming, travelling, basketball, singing, cars, fashion, cooking to mention but a few. Areas of our interests or hobbies are a great starting point for blogging. And what is interesting about it is that regardless of the hobby, you will still find thousands if not ten of thousands of your audience on the internet. Worry less mate.

Personal experiences in life: – Another great way to choose a topic/niche is expressing your experiences in life in writing. An absolute way to can help people going through the same things as you did. Life is a journey and I clearly know that we’ve all learned lessons along. For example, one could start a blog about friends (How to make friends, A friend in need is a friend indeed, Peers turning into snakes…….)

An individual blog or famously known as personal blog. Yeah, a personal blog could be your thing, where you basically write about your daily life. Best example of it could be youtubers who vlog about their daily lives, just replicate the same thing in writing.

For a more details on how to choose your niche visit here

Choose your domain name

After choosing your niche, I guess naming your blog is a lot easier now. It’s wise to give a descriptive name to your blog so that your potential readers can easily tell what your blog or website is all about.

Let’s say you blogging about a specific topic/niche, you’ll obviously need to include that in a way on your domain name. E.g. You’re blogging about singing, one could add words such “music”, “guitar”, “symphonies”. Then

If you settle for a personal blog, it’s wise to include “your name” in the domain name, e.g.

Step 2. Get your web-hosting, Domain name & Customization of your blog

At this point you’ve chosen a niche as well as the domain name, the next thing is choosing a web host or simply getting your content/blog online.

So, what is a web hosting (blog hosting)? Web hosting is a service that allows organizations/individuals to post a website or web page or a blog onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. There are so many web hosting service providers on the internet and include the following: – Blue Host, HostGator, GoDaddy, Just Host, Host Papa mention but a few.

In this example, I’ll use Blue Host for the hosting and show you step by step how to set it up. It’s really cheap for those on budget and functions well.

And don’t forget to get your special Bluehost discount here.

I recommend hosting with Blue Host because of different advantageous reasons which include;

1. Free registration of your domain name

2. Free offer and installation of WordPress, a blogging software that will be used in this very example

3.They’ve got the best customer service which is 24/7, favouring everyone around the world regardless of your time zone.

You will surely need to spend a bit for your blog/website hosting online. And guess what! I’ve got a really good deal for you from Blue Host,

Get your special of $3.95/month deal here.

Get started Today Here

Choosing the suitable Blue Host Package & domain

I definitely recommend the basic package or plan because it’s affordable

With blog name ideas or suggestions already in your mind, one will need to choose a domain extension.

Please note. One should know that spaces and punctuation marks cannot be used with the exemption of dashes.

There are loads of extensions out there, with the “.com” being the most recognizable. Try others such as “.net” .org” which can be used if a domain name with the .com is taken or addition of dashes and words like “my”, “the”. E.g. “”

The task of choosing a domain name can be a challenge at times, so what do you do? I sometimes use Flame Domain to find me and thus recommend it for you.

Blue Host will take you to the domain section once you choose your package. If you already own a domain name, then quickly transfer it here, the ones without fill in the new domain section.

After your done with all above, you’ll be asked to fill in your details including the payment section.

You will still be taken to the next page with various options to include in your package, but the only one I recommend is the privacy policy.

Follow the simple payment instructions. That’s how simple blue host is simple to use.

WordPress Installation and login settings.

Blue Host will install it for you, all you’ve got to is set up your login password

After password creation, you’ll will need to choose a template or theme

Now, its time for you choose a theme or template for your website/blog

Picking one shouldn’t be task because you can always change later if there is need to.

Once you’re done with theme selection, you’ll be taken to a page that says “Start Building”.

Click the button and your next page will appear as below

At this point do the following.

Click the blue host button, Then the home button

Click the launch button as in the picture below.

Customize your blog

If you’re not logged in then go to Best Web Hosting 2020 and click on login and you’ll be taken to this page where you’ll login.

You’ll be taken to a WordPress backend where you can make changes to your website or blog.

Changing themes

To change a theme, you’re going to click on the Appearance tab on the left menu

You’ll find many themes already installed in your website, some of which will work pretty well for your blogging.

But with a desire to change a theme, you just hover over to the preferred theme and click on the activate button. And boom! You just changed your theme.

So, all you do to change a theme is; Click on the “appearance” button, then “themes”, and the “Add New Theme” As in the picture above.

Step 3. How to write and publish your first post

Yeah, you all been waiting for it, I guess. Let’s write and publish our post.

Go to the left menu and click on the “Posts” button, you will be taken to a backend with a default post that comes with every new WordPress blog. You can either edit it as your first post or just delete it by clicking on the trash button. For this example, we will delete it.

how to start a blog



To start a new post, click on the “Add New” button. Start by adding the blog title by clicking on the Title box as in the picture below. Then add the rest of the blog content in the lower box.

How to start a blog
Click on the “Add New” button

To add images, click on the Add Image Icon and upload a picture from your computer.

Publishing your blog

Following the writing and addition of images to the blog, you’ll definitely want to publish your post. All you have to do is click on the Publish button on the top right side of the screen.

And yes, you just did it. You wrote published your first post.

4. Promote your blog

Well knowing that you’re a starter, barely having any readers visiting your page. Promoting it would be a great start to accumulating regular visitors. Of course, creation of great and detailed satisfying blog or content is the ideal, after which you can promote your blog. Great content always attracts visitors back to the website.

One of the simplest ways to promote your blog is through social media platforms, this is done through sharing your blog link on Facebook, twitter, and all other platforms. And guess what, a great content can easily go viral on these platforms through the sharing effect.

The other great method to get more readers or visitors to your blogs is through email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to inform your readers about your new posts and updated contents on your blogs. All you’ve got to do is get their emails when they visit the blog, and with permission from them, always update them with your new posts. This massively grows your readers/visitors.

5. Monetize your blog

With all of the above done, I mean creating detailed contents and promotion of the blogs, monetizing your blogs becomes quite easy.

There are several to monetize one’s blog, these include affiliate marketing, selling your own products or services, writing reviews of products to get paid or even selling of advertising space along side your blogs

What is affiliate marketing? This a simple way of making money online through advertising of other people’s products and earning through payment of commissions from the sales from products bought using your affiliate link or even banners. For example, if you bought your webhosting from my Blue Host link earlier in the blog, I will get paid through the link/banners you clicked on.

When you reach a stage where your website is a bit famous and authoritative online, Advertising individuals and companies will be hounding you for an opportunity to advertise on your blog, or basically sue of Google AdSense to look for you advertisers and all that you’ve got to do is place the Google AdSense code on your blog to begin running the ads.

Please check out this website for a similar detailed content on how to start a blog


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