How to transfer a domain from Bluehost.

How to transfer a domain from Bluehost.

how to transfer a domain from Bluehost

Bluehost is the biggest and most popular webhosting company in the world. It boasts hosting over 2 million websites online today, and number is still growing.

Not only does Bluehost offer hosting services but also domain names service. This comes with a price of $15 per year for domain name renewal, which is way more costly than most of the hosting companies.

However, you’re exempted from paying for your domain name for the first year by Bluehost, as part of them trying to lure you into their hosting plans.

Why would someone transfer away from Bluehost?

Domain transfer

In most cases, there are barely any ridiculously serious reasons why one opts to transfer except for the following;

  • If there is a change in ownership of the domain name
  • In case one has both hosting and domain name with Bluehost and wants to change the hosting and domain name provider as well.
  • The costs of annual renewal of domain name with Bluehost are quite expensive compared to other platforms.

Before jumping in to your computer to transfer your domain name from Bluehost, note the following crucial and important things.

  1. The domain was registered for the first time more two months ago, in fact more than 60 days ago.
  2. There are still more than 15 days before the domain name expiry date.
  3. he domain name has extension that Webhost Face is able to register
  4. Updating the registrant contact information (name, organization, or email address) for a general top-level domain (gTLD) will initiate a Change of Registrant process which requires additional verification before the new information is saved.

So, how do you transfer your domain from Bluehost?

This is a very basic procedure but it may take up to five days or seven days at times.

Follow the steps below that you will have do yourself from your Bluehost account;

  1. First and foremost, you have to login to your Bluehost dashboard. Click on the domain manager.
  2. Choose the domain name that you like to transfer
  3. Unlock the domain by clicking the LOCK button or tab
  4. Thereafter, click on the transfer EPP tab which is on the top right. You will get an EPP code that will be used to authenticate your domain from your new registrar. So, keep it private.
  5. Then click the Approve button to complete the transfer process.

After finishing the transfer process with Bluehost, you now head over to your new registrar and complete the whole process.

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In Conclusions;

I believe you have learnt how transfer your domain name from Bluehost.

If there are any problems that may have led into failure of the transfer to complete. Try troubleshooting the problem by reading this article or directly contact the Bluehost support team. All in all, everything should be fine.

If you have any queries, suggestions and thoughts about this article/topic, comment in the comment section below and either me or one of my team should respond to you soonest.

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