Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp Pricing


Mailchimp pricing
Hey, back at it today to explore mailchimp pricing. Mailchimp has evolved into one of the best email marketing service providers today. And not only that, but also becoming a full marketing solution. The software has added new features lately such as the ability to build websites and landing pages.

Pricewise, mailchimp is pretty much more expensive than most of its competitors such as GetResponse and AWeber. It has three plans i.e. Forever Free, Monthly plan and ‘Pay as You Go’ plan.

Forever Free

Costs $0 per month.
Most email marketing platforms offer a 30-day trial while others offer free plans. Mailchimp got you covered in both cases.
The forever free plan allows you to send out up to 12 thousand emails per month with a maximum of 2000 subscribers. Once you realize that your subscribers are beyond this, you have to upgrade for the paid versions.
One of the major cons of using this plan is that you’re not allowed to create email autoresponders. This totally makes it quite difficult to call it a functional email marketing tool at this stage because autoresponders are key in the campaigns.


In addition to that, mailchimp offers limited support to for this plan, usually for the first 30 days. After that, you will get access to live chat support which could be frustrating to clients.

As much as the plan seems less useful, as a beginner or newly established businesses, the basic features availed to you can enhance with your start.
Here is a list of what you will get from the free plan.
• Seven marketing channels
• One click-automations
• Basic and simple templates
• Marketing Customer Relations Management (CRM)
• Behavioural targeting
• Custom domain
• Websites building

The Essentials Plan

This is the starter paid plan of mailchimp. It costs $9.999/mo. However, depending on your email list or contacts size, you will be required to increase the monthly charges. This can be calculated using the Mailchimp calculator. The plan comes with everything that is included in the free plans, with addition of few advanced features to it. The major benefits of using the plans are;
• You have full access to all the email templates
• A/B testing or split testing to help you find out more about your audience by changing the headlines or subject lines, layout or content of your emails.
• Unlike the free plan, with essentials plan, you get full time access to the 24/7 support by mailchimp team, where live chat or emails.

The Standard Plan.

This is the most recommended and commonly used package or plan of mailchimp. It starts at $14.99/mo. with an option to upgrade depending on the size of your email list. The plan consists of everything in everything in the Essentials plan plus;
• Advanced audience insights
• Retargeting ads
• Custom templates
• Event based automation series.

The Premium Plan.

The premium plan is the most advanced and expensive package that starts at $299.00 per month. It contains up-to 200,000 subscribers only. More than that, you are required to ask for customized pricing. This is ideally for the marketing gurus and pros who need best form of customization features. It comes with everything in the standard plan plus more;
• Advanced segmentation
• Multivariate testing
• Unlimited seats and role-based access
• Phone support

The ‘Pay As You Go’ plan

Pay as you go pricing blocks
Pay as you go pricing blocks

The Pay As You Go plan is a flexible email plan for the seasonal senders; basically, those that don’t need monthly subscription as a resulting of sending emails infrequently.
All you have to do is buy email credits and send whenever you opt to do so without having to pay on regular monthly subscription.

So, what is a credit?

A credit refers to units of payment that are used for the Pay As You Go Plan. Each email send costs one credit.
So, the following are some of the features that come with the pay as you go plan.
• All the features of the essentials plans
• Access to email themes and layouts
• Pre-built segments
• Basic or simple reporting

Who needs the Pay As You Go plan?

1. Seasonal businesses that send out emails infrequently
2. Focused senders or Laser-target senders who send targeted bulk campaigns.
3. Email only marketers whose budgets are projects-based and send out frequently

How Does it work?

It uses email credits that you bought to send emails out the respective recipients of your email lists. An email sent out is equivalent to one credit.
For one to send emails, the number of credits remaining must be equal or greater than the number of your recipients. The credits expire after 12 months /a year from the date of purchase.

The credits are generally used for test emails, attempted email send, automations, or even bounced emails.
And by the way, the credit blocks start at 5000 credits, the least amount you can purchase.

In conclusions,

Mailchimp is a pretty decent and highly effective email marketing software, the major downside is that, pricewise, it’s quite more expensive than most of them email marketing tools.
As a beginner, highly recommend other email marketing software like AWeber, GetResponse, simply because they’re a lot less expensive and have more advanced features to mailchimp.
I covered the reviews of the both AWeber and GetResponse, endeavour to check out to help you make an informed decision upon which tool to use for your email marketing campaigns.
Air out your thoughts and comments on this article in the comment section below, thanks.

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