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John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review, The Success Stories. Worth it?



There is a chance that you landed on this web page because you either watched YouTube videos of the super affiliate marketer John Crestani or read his book “Work at Home Secrets and Scams.” Well, I will walk you through Super Affiliate System Review in this blog post.

Or, you are looking for more information about his product; The Super Affiliate System or about to jump into the check out page to complete the transaction of the product.

And hey, worry less because I am going to take you through a thorough and transparent Super Affiliate Review.

P.S. I am not here to pitch you “My recommended best affiliate product; Wealthy Affiliates” Lol.

But, first and foremost who is John Crestani?

Who is John Crestani?
Who is John Crestani?

Well, you may already have known John Crestani, he is a successful internet marketer and creator of the Super affiliate system. John Crestani is, for anyone who spends time on YouTube, not new because you might come across his ads and videos.

Having fired by his manager at marketing firm for demanding increment in payment, he says. John had crafted his online marketing skill set and started his online business, to be specific; affiliate marketing. With time, he mastered the paid advertisement from google ads, YouTube ads to Facebook ads. Eventually, he scaled his income from thousands of dollars monthly to millions annually.

What is Super Affiliate System (SAS)?

Super Affiliate System Dashboard
Super Affiliate System Dashboard

Initially started and branded as the Internet Jetset System, Super Affiliate System is an ultimate blueprint to starting home-based affiliate marketing business.

The system provides you with all the tools that you need to earn commissions from your customers. Landing pages, emails, affiliate network referrals and so much more. The training spans for 6 weeks to complete, with over 50 hours of high-quality recorded training videos.

N.B.  It should be noted that the training model is mainly for paid advertising. The approach suits those that really need quick or fast results from affiliate marketing compared to other methods e.g. SEO/blogging

And worry not, because there are barely any videos which are 30 minutes plus long. John knows the value of short and quality yet very educative training videos to the viewers, thus you’ll not find the long boring videos in the training.

In addition to that, the training runs for that long because there’s such so much information and knowledge that can easily overwhelm students.

To keep students with the up-date marketing sills, John has evolved the Super Affiliate System overtime. As I mentioned earlier, it started as Internet Jetset, then rebranded as Super Affiliate System2:0 before the latest version of Super Affiliate System 3:0.

What is the Difference between Super Affiliate System2:0 and Super Affiliate System3:0?

The major difference is that the Super Affiliate System 3:0 has more advanced and up-to-date marketing skills.

In addition to that, John Crestani shares his real strategies and ads campaigns that he runs on various platforms, from social media to search engines.

Others include;
• Membership upsell, which is completely an optional thing for someone. Here, you join John’s intimate society where he shares his other online business strategies. It however comes with a price. (up-to you though.)
• Use of a software to accelerate the process, the software costs about $70 to $100 per month.

What do you learn from the Super Affiliate System?

This program is a simply amazing and a blueprint to earning your first commission online. Even more for those already having little knowledge about paid advertising, because they will learn to scale it to whole other level.

In a nutshell, here is an outline of what you will be availed and taught;
1. Developing an entrepreneur mindset.
You will be taught how to navigate an affiliate marketing landscape and avoid possible landmines. Further more, John guides you on how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

2. Picking your niche and offers.
An approach on how to pick a niche as well as how to differentiate low and high commission affiliate offers.

3. Creating Ads Campaigns and Structure.
You will be walked through how to create Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads (AdWords), LinkedIn ads, Bing ads etc.

4. The art of copywriting

Ronnie Sandlin, a pal and student of John Crestani teaches you copywriting package. He dives into how to gain trust from people or your potential customers.

5. Scaling and Automation.
You will learn how to use sales funnels, media buyer. Besides, that, you are taught how to scale from $1000 t0 $20,000. It’s also backed by a handful of case studies. 

The Six Week Course Complete Breakdown.

Week One |Set up phase|

In the first week, it mainly about setting you up for challenge and educating you on how to navigate the market;

*How to make your first commission
*Choosing and getting approved by the affiliate networks.
*How to set up your pre sell pages, affiliate links.
*How to set up facebook ads that convert on broad audience.

Week Two |Picking your Niche|

The second week deals more choosing a niche and a mindset one need in order to succeed online. Well, not necessarily online.

*How to create a mindset in need to succeed in any business model
*Figuring out and choosing the best niche and affiliate offers that will work best for one.
*Choose the best ad network to specialize in e.g. Facebook, google, etc.

Week Three |Advanced marketing Skills|

Copywriting is absolutely essential in any form of marketing, from billboards to online advertising. This is what the third week of the training is all about. You’ll dive into the following;

*What is copywriting?
*How to write headlines that will convert on your ads.
*5 keys to a profitable presell page.
*How to hypnotize people to buy by touching their emotions.
*A seventeen-step copywriting concept.
*Advanced optimization of campaigns

Week Four |Facebook and Google ads|

You’ll be walk through the following;

*Generate facebook ads campaign that generate clickthroughs and return on investment. (ROI)
*How to adjust to facebook policies and avoid account shut down.
*Leveraging google to generate clicks and sales to your landing pages

Week Five |YouTube and Native ads|

The fifth week is mainly comprises of the following;

*How to create and set up YouTube ads.
*What native ads are and how to set them up?

Week six |Scaling and Automation|

Week six deals mainly with how you can grow and increase your daily commissions through the different ways, such as below.

*Use of survey funnels to supercharge your facebook conversion rates.
*How to scale from 1k to 20k per day.

How much does the Super Affiliate System cost?

The pricing of this program is quite high and may seem exaggerated to a few, or even most. The actual price is $997.

In most cases during the live webinars he will tell you about change of price shortly after a few hours or days.
But hey! That is just the scarcity marketing approach, which is aimed at making customers anxious about missing out.

However, you can opt for the instalment payment which is to be completed within three months. One is required to pay $397/mo.

The price of almost $1000 is ultimately out of reach for many students, I considerably agree and understand. But if you honestly look at the value in the course, as well as investments made into in it, I bet you would definitely agree.

And never mind, the program comes with a no-hassle, risk free 30-day moneyback guarantee.

30-day money back guarantee

The Support system

John Crestani has provided the best support that you will rarely find with some affiliate programs. This ranges from the private facebook group where he actively participates in to having a support portal. The support portal has ridiculously ready-to-help staff.

The regulate update of the course is at times as a result of some of the queries and issues raised by the students to be included in the training.

You have the actual chance of John reviewing your progress as well as answering some of your queries, isn’t that awesome?

Besides all above, John Crestani goes live on a weekly routine to keep the students updated. This is an opportunity for one to ask whatever they wished to.

Are there success stories/what do other people say?

The Super Affiliate System is legitimate and works for beginners as well as experienced marketers. There is no doubt about the success stories from different parts of the world. I for one, learnt paid advertising from John Crestani, been able to scale from barely anything to over $1000/mo.

Oh, let’s not talk about me.

More than enough is an estimate to the number of successful marketers from John’s Affiliate System. Have a look at some of the success stores below

Students of SAS

 Super Affiliate SystemAnd finally, Watch what millionaire  Kent Sayre had to say about it.

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Bonuses and Resources to get from Super Affiliate System

One of the most amazing and juicy bonuses from SAS is the ad credit that adds up to $895, that you get. The credit is however activated using some cash, about a total of $75 which fairly narrows the actual credit to $820.

In addition to the above, there are other exclusive resources you will get access to the following;

1. Buyer data: You will be given a list of buyers that will help you to target customers that are more likely to buy your affiliate offers.

2. Ad Templates: John created done for you ads copies, which have been tested and have high conversion rates. All that you have to is drag and drop into your them into your different ad networks.

3. Presell Pages: For the coding dummies like, you’re all covered. John has done for you landing pages that easily attract customers have high conversion rates.

4. VIP access to the affiliate networks; John Crestani has deals in place with several affiliate networks, so you will easily get accepted into them.

5. Weekly live sessions Access; Just as I said earlier, John conducts weekly live sessions and as an aspiring marketer, you will benefit from the rich information shared.


Click here to register for a free webinar with John Crestani and claim free bonuses

What are the pros and cons of joining super affiliate system?

Pros Cons
The training is newbie friendly. The price may be relatively high for people.
An easy to follow training. Other than paid advertising, as a beginner you’ll not learn other methods of attracting traffic such as SEO.
The program is proven with success stories from several students.
If one follows the exact training, scaling income is so easy hence an easy option to fully earn a living online.

You get access to other resources and bonuses that kick off your training.

Is John Crestani/Super Affiliate System a scam?

No no! I am 100% sure and tell you all that John is a legitimate affiliate. Not for the sake of saying, I have been a student of this SAS for the last one year. Besides a variety of several success stories have shown up on the internet, having taken the program. John Crestani has appeared on a number of TV interviews such as on the NBC 10 News San Diego (San Diego Connect), Fox 4 News

In Conclusion;

I hope you’ve had a through review of the super affiliate system. The pricing is honestly quite intimidating.
But if you’re truly into the starting lifestyle of earning a living online or a great deal of side hustle, then the course is worth it regardless.

However, one may be on a tight budget and I do understand that. For that case, would recommend one to invest in a cheaper affiliate programs especially ones that teach search engine optimization (SEO).

So, I do recommend Super Affiliate system? YES, if you surely need quick and scalable results, not forgetting having the actual money.


Click here to access the Super Affiliate System with a discount today


Disclosure: When you click on a link in this blog post and make a purchase, I receive an affiliate commission. It’s completely free of charge.

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