What is a Bridge Page

What is a Bridge Page?

What is a Bridge Page?

Social networks huh Google huh!!! or are you an affiliate??

If you are already doing paid advertising on either social media like facebook, Instagram or search engine especially on google then you already know the rules.

For the newbie worry less, otherwise that is why you have landed here.

All the above-mentioned platforms have crazy and strict regulations surrounding advertising and these rules keep on changing.

Facebook and other social media platform do not allow sending traffic directly to your affiliate pages hence why you need bridge page or a landing page.

So, what is a bridge page?

According to Google AdWords, a bridge page is a website or webpage whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another website, which is basically affiliate marketing. Unfortunately google doesn’t use the word ‘affiliate”

In a layman language, it’s a page between your ads and offers or selling page.

In other words, aside sending people or traffic to the selling pages, bridge pages help affiliates to also capture emails or details of their visitors.

These captured emails are later sent commercial messages about the products so as to persuade them into buying.

Google prohibits use of bridge pages in their advertising and thus; its usage may lead to suspension or complete shut down of the account.

So, you should only use it in social media advertising because that’s what is actually encouraged by facebook.

It should be noted social media platform recommend bridge pages in advertising because most of the affiliate network like clickbank URLs have been marked spammy by most people thus shouldn’t be sent directly to the affiliate offers.

What is the difference between a bridge page and landing page?

The major difference is that a bridge page is used to warm up and presell cold traffic or visitors about the product before they are sent to sales page. Landing pages on the other hand are pages used to generate sales or leads.

While the main difference is user intent, both landing and bridge pages can be used together in a marketing funnel.

Bridge Pages Landing Pages
For warming your traffic about a product. Get or capture their information and details
Presell the product to them The motive is to later market the to them through email marketing
Build trust and connection here while educating them about it. This makes them more likely to buy. Encourage them to make purchases.
Close the gap between the traffic and the product here. Don’t overwhelm them with content


Best software to build or create Bridge Pages.

Unlike email marketing where I recommend a few selective email marketing service providers, with bridge pages there a ton of software to use.

However, the following have really been effective and super easy for me to use in creating a bridge page over the years, so, they will execute job for you;




You have probably heard or come across ClickFunnels and its related stuff over time on the internet.

It is the commonest and my most free builder for funnels. Are you a coding dummy?

Relax because there is a drop and drag editor to help you design a beautiful bridge page with variety of templates to choose from.

ClickFunnels is easily integrated with email marketing tools like GetResponse so you can easily connect it to your autoresponder.

Or simply download the already built for you page and use them.


Just like ClickFunnels, lead pages enable you to create lead capture pages, bridge pages which are easily designed even for the HTML dummies like me.

LeadPages are also a host of templates to play around with.

What to consider when building a great bridge page

Thrive Architect

Without a doubt one of the best all round tools around, thrive architect can be used in Blog building to landing pages and bridge pages as well.

Just like the previous software, you have a bunch of templates to choose from as well as HTML free version for anyone who doesn’t do coding. It also has integrations with email marketing platforms.

How to Build Landing page.

There is no particular procedure to creating the bridge page here because most of the software mentioned earlier have different dashboard and instructions to follow when creating it.

However, there are obvious things to include on bridge pages regardless of what software you’re using. They include the following;

Short Review of the product/Warm Up

Don’t forget this is cold traffic so briefly reviewing what the visitors are likely to get will boost the chances of them actually purchasing it. Always give an honest and helpful review of your products.

Remember nobody wants to be sold to including you and thus evoke emotions to trigger them into buying.


Simply tell them the problems to be solved by your product and how they are missing out.

Or use scarcity to create the urgency by telling them about limited offers or discounts that ending soonest.

Email capture form

Who lied to you that they are all going to convert first time? While there are a few who will make a purchase right away, others will need backend email marketing to persuade them into making purchases.

This calls for inclusion of an email or details capture form. Keep it with minimalistic design but with a strong call to action.

Addition of testimonials

There is nothing that boosts the confidence of a human being in something than success stories; I started this blog because of testimonials.

Don’t flood the page with testimonials rather add in some of the success stories to boost their confidence.


A bridge page is ultimately vital for your success with paid advertising on social media and therefore always invest in studying the product you’re advertising before building one.

The best tip for creating a decent one is putting yourself in the shoes of the cold traffic. It will always guide to improve every aspect of a bridge given how uninformed.

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I am an affiliate of some of the above software mentioned in the article hence earn a commission when you sign up or make a purchase by clicking any of the links. It however doesn’t increase the price, instead occasionally lowers it to a certain discount.

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