Why Businesses Prefer Email Marketing to Direct Mail

Why Businesses Prefer Email Marketing to Direct Mail

Why businesses prefer email marketing to direct mail.

Not too long-ago people were regularly receiving letters, magazines, and catalog from their mailboxes either at home or workplaces.

This was before email marketing took over the mail marketing strategy overnight. It just doesn’t have happen anyhow in any industry, but hey email marketing just set the records straight.

Many business owners prefer email marketing to Direct mail because of various reasons. However, direct mail isn’t dead as yet as there are people writing success stories with it.

Before jumping into why businesses prefer email marketing to direct mail, let’s look at an overview of each of the above business medium.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy or channel where commercial messages are sent out to customers or group of people through emails.

It’s not really and tedious or tiresome activity; you just have to create messages and send them through emails to your audience. What is more catching is that you automate the process of sending thus less efforts involved.

The automation of emails is done through an email marketing service provider/software like AWeber and GetResponse which are pretty affordable for any business.

What is direct mail marketing?

According to the entrepreneur magazine, direct mail marketing is a marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience. Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters.

Direct mail can be done through paying established companies that offer or run these services or simply do the delivery through your own efforts from your workplace.

It’s the traditional and oldest method of commercializing your business mailing newsletters. It has slowly been swept away by the emerging of email marketing over the period of digital transformation.

Why businesses prefer email marketing to direct mail.

I bet you actually know that almost every business in your neighbourhood or town has an email newsletter service compared to those with magazines, catalogs.

Businesses owners have leveraged email marketing because of different personal and general reasons which include the following.

Email marketing is inexpensive: Email marketing vs Direct mail

Subscribe to an email marketing service provider, create a series of email messages to be sent out, and automate the process: That is all you need for email marketing.

Most email marketing software are super affordable even for the very small businesses, unlike direct mail where you have to invest in publishing magazines, brochures, catalogs and then pay for their delivery.

Email marketing is easy and fast.

With email marketing, there is no much work to do compared to direct mail where you have to publish catalogs and magazines, hire transportation and delivery companies or individuals. That’s ton of work for the busy group of people.

Additionally, sending out emails is very fast and it is even easier with automation process of sending out to massive email lists automatically.

Email marketing services provide analytical data: Email marketing vs Direct mail.

The reports from your email marketing campaigns are displaced by email marketing tools on their dashboard; which are very useful for improving campaigns and conversion rates of emails.

These results could be open rates, click through, purchases, name it.

It’s more familiarized to the public

Almost everyone around the world opens their emails daily and one thing they’re sure of and know, is that it’s quite normal to come across commercial emails and messages.

Imagine receiving a letter from your mailbox pitching you to purchase a certain product and service. How would react?

I already know you would barely complete reading it or ignore it simply because this is not a convenient way to advertise goods and services.

Email marketing has a very high ROI

Email marketing ROI

Out of all the digital marketing channels, email marketing tops the return on investment (ROI) rates that’s including social media, google ads etc

It has unreal ROI of 138% which is at least four times more than any other digital marketing channel.

Cons of Using email marketing

Everything has the dark side of practising it, even with email marketing, there a very few cons that come along using it for marketing your business.

  • It takes long time for majority of people to build a solid email list.
  • If the email marketing process especially the content part, your emails may always end up in the spam folder.



Email marketing is an absolute beast for marketing your products and businesses, more if you need conversions. It’s an affordable channel for all different businesses whether online or having a physical business.

I therefore conclude by recommending it to anyone.

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