Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media

Email Marketing vs Social Media: Why email marketing is better 

Email marketing vs Social Media

Oh what are the reasons why email marketing better than social media? Well, my elementary school teacher always told us that ‘Old is gold.’ Oh yes! she was right.

Email marketing has been around for the last couple of decades, as matter of fact it has been slaying the online business platform since internet was established. That’s way long ago before social media existed.

Keep reading to find out…..

What is email marketing?

It is a branch of digital marketing where commercial messages are sent to customers or email lists through emails. There are different reasons why people send out emails e.g.

  • To build a bond and relationship with a certain group of people.
  • Email marketing is effect for brand building and awareness
  • Others utilize this platform to convert their subscribers into buyers of whatever they are selling.

Read more about email marketing here

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another digital marketing channel where ads are run on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Social media marketing has recently become very popular and famous, especially among online workers and companies.

Gone are the days when social media algorism was dedicated to better social experience of the users.

Nowadays platforms like Facebook optimize what is shown in your newsfeeds in way to monetize the content shown to their users.

One of the biggest reasons why people use these platforms for advertising is the ability to easily scale your promotion.

Five reasons why Email Marketing is better than Social Media Marketing

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, email marketing is not dead, in fact it is at its peak. This has been backed a number of reasons that it out edges social media such as:

  1. Email Marketing is cheap.

Email marketing service providers like GetResponse and AWeber are pretty affordable for almost everyone. Besides, there are email marketing tools that provide free services for your email marketing purpose e.g. Mailchimp.

Unlike social media where you have to spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands to try and convert cold traffic.

  1. You actually own the email list.

Well, I am not kidding you, you own all the subscribers on your email lists unlike people on social media you totally have no control over what to do.

Ask any marketers about their most important assets, and all of them will tell you of email lists. This is because they are a group of people, they have established trust and bond with hence can easily sell to them almost anything.

  1. Email marketing is familiarized to business matters.

Getting a promotional or commercial email/message through your email address is no big deal because it’s he kind of things you expect anyways.

This not the case with social media.

How you feel if you found a promotion message I your inbox on social media account? Awkward, isn’t it? I believed most will just ignore.

Additionally, those ads on social media only piss people like me off simply because people are social media for social experience and interactions not being lured into buying products.

  1. Ability to send personalized message.

Email marketing enables you to segment your messages according t your audience. This can be done by sending different messages to different people depending on their actions on the website or how they reacted to your previous email such as opening emails, click through a link, making a purchase.

Further more you can send personal messages with unique features such adding images, having the subscribers first or last name on top of emails. These little things make a huge difference.

  1. Email marketing has unreal ROI

ROI starts for return on investment. It refers to the earnings or rewards (money) you get from investment in a particular thing, in this case email marketing,

There is no better digital marketing channel than email marketing simply because it converts very well.

It has unrealistic ROI of 138% which is about four times more than any digital marketing channel.

Cons of using Email marketing.

Much as we prefer email marketing to social, there are few cons that come along: they include the following;

  • It takes pretty long time to build an email list.
  • Depending on the email marketing service provider you’re using, if not done appropriately, your emails may end up in the spam folder sadly.


  • Sharing content on social media results into high traffic hence more engagement on the site.
  • This is the best way to create brand awareness so easily simply by running engagement ads to inform people about your business.
  • Your ads can easily go viral resulting into insane conversion rates.

In Conclusion;

Email marketing is ultimately better than social media in areas such as conversion, traffic and building a bond and relationships with clients. Social media on the other hand is great for engagement and scaling up promotions.

They are both really great ways to market your business and there isn’t any excuse not to use incorporate them all.

For any questions any suggestions, leave them in the comment section below.

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